Luna Broeke

C# Game/Software Developer

2 and a half years experience with C# & Unity
currently learning Java

About Me

Hi there! My name is Luna Broeke, I am an 18 year old college student from Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I have been studying Game Development at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht for the past 2 and a half years. These lessons have mostly been using C# & Unity. Even outside of school hours I have put in some practice.



Reefbot is a fantastic unofficial app I created exclusively for Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch. It brings you real-time access to essential stage information, elevating your gameplay experience to a whole new level!Stay on top of the action with up-to-the-minute stage information. Reefbot ensures you know exactly what's happening in the ever-changing battlefields of Splatoon 3.PC & Android downloadDiscord server

Light Fusion

Light Fusion is a game I made for a group project at the end of my second year in college.I made all of the light-based systems such as the line rendering, the math for the mirror reflections, the detection of light hitting an object & what color that light download


Robo-ball is a game I made as part of a project where I had to make a one button game, so I also took this chance to see what the Unity Physics Engine can do.Honestly even though this game feels the simplest it is definitely the funnest of what I've download

Discord Moderation Bot

I made a bot for discord server moderation (It is currently being used by a school server)

This is just a silly little app I decided to make so I can retrieve current stage data from the online Nintendo Switch game "Splatoon 3" which released on September 9th of 2022. For this app I use the website whose API's are public.This code is just web request after web request and applying information. A repetitive task but I get it done in the end.

This is a game I made at the end of my second school year together with 3 other devs and 2 artists. Our game was mostly based on combining colored lights. I was in charge of the main mechanics revolving around the light system. Due to this being a school project I cannot put the github as public but I will share some of my code snippets under here.Here below is the main function that the entire game relies on

Origin Light

The above function is in charge of emitting the first light which in turn then interacts which every other dynamic of the game.

Mirror System

The above function was probably the one I spent the most time on. This function is supposed to mirror the origin light from the mirror object. I had to inverse the direction of the light and also optimize it so I didn't accidentally create an infinite amount of objects (Unity or any other engine does NOT like infinite amounts of objects)

Color Seperator

So for this function I had to seperate mixed colors. Expect this to be some really hard math?NO! SWITCH CASE GO!

Robo-ball is a game I made as part of a project where I had to make a one button game, so I also took this chance to see what the Unity Physics Engine can do.

This code here is the main controls and main function

The code here is the function that looks at the closest possible target

This code down below is made for the camera to follow the player

I once made a discord bot for the simple moderation of a school server.

File System

For purposes of a moderation bot I need a way to store all the data long term otherwise the bot would have little effect.

The first thing that gets caught during any event is checking if that user has a file dedicated to them. If not: create a new file.

This is how it looks internally when a user gets a warning